Types of Language Services Provided

Although the role of translators is still paramount, the formats with which we currently work have evolved a great deal and there are complex projects that may include text, voice and video that require the collaboration of different specialists.

Furthermore, since each client has different needs and the translations are aimed at different audiences, we offer different services aimed at satisfying the client's specific need. For example, the translation of highly visible marketing collaterals cannot be treated in the same way as the translation of a technical manual aimed at a specialized audience.

Premium Translation Services

Machine Translation Postediting

Software Localization

Translation of e-Learning Courses

Video Subtitling and Video Voice-Over

Translation and Localization of Board Games

​Premium Translation Services

The added value of ASSERTIO Language Services

  • We are more than just middle men between the client and the translator. We offer a comprehensive translation service that is adapted to our clients' needs: from translation to layout design and printing.
  • We consistently deliver quality translations on time.
  • We can translate large volumes in short periods of time.
  • We can handle almost all languages, text types, and document formats
  • ASSERTIO guarantees consistent terminology and quality translations. Our procedures ensure systematic quality control of texts and are based on the EN 15038 standard.
  • We offer a single point of contact: the client has direct contact with our project managers and we do all the management work: receiving materials, preparing translation packages, quality assurance, final layout and filing finished documents.
  • We have different teams of translators for different industries. But regardless of the industry, we always use computer-assisted tools to improve consistency across translations, and to reduce translation costs.
Machine translation postediting

​Machine Translation Postediting

Machine Translation, abbreviated MT, is one of those buzzwords that has been round the language industry for years though it is only recently that the technology has reached a maturity level which makes it worthwhile.

Broadly speaking, there have been two main approaches to MT: linguistic-rules based and statistical based. Modern MT engines are mostly statistical based although they might have some syntactic rules and morphological process embedded. The translations with state-of-the-art MT engines is far from perfect but correcting (postediting) machine translated sentences can be faster than translating a sentence from scratch.

Most modern CAT tools allow the integration of MT engines. When the CAT tool does not find a translated match in the existing Translation Memory, it uses the MT engine to generate the translation automatically. The MT translated sentence is then edited by the human translator and saved in the Translation Memory.

For certain types of texts, industries and languages, the output of Machine Translation can help the professional translator to work faster and be more productive, and clients can finally benefit from lower translation rates.


Some public MT engines are available in the cloud, ie. Google Translate or Bing Microsoft Translator. Obviously, when translating confidential or sensitive data, sending the information to these MT engines in the cloud is not in fact safe and might put confidential information at risk.

To overcome security issues, ASSERTIO LS uses a private MT engine so you can rest assured that your confidential and sensitive information will always be stored securely and confidentially.
Software localization

​Software Localization (L10N)

Software localization is the translation and adaptation of computer programs into other languages and includes the translation of screens, error messages, help texts and related technical documentation. Thus, running software can be seen as “local” in other languages and markets.

Localization projects are normally centralized to a project manager who is the single point of contact with the client and whose roll is preparing translation kits, distributing them among the different target language teams, and handling translation queries and other issues.

From the translator point of view, one of the main differences with normal translations is that very often user strings are translated without order or context. Also, since some of these strings appear in special circumstances, it might be quite difficult to proof them in context. Because of all this, translator experience and good project management are key for the success of any localization project.

From the technical point of view, we can provide consulting services to our clients. For example, helping the software development team to find out internationalization recommendations that may apply to the source code, and check that the software is enabled for localization.
Translation of e-Learning Courses

​Translation of e-learning Courses

For localizing e-learning courses it is important to understand the authoring tools and the content which is delivered to the user. We are experienced in localizing e-learning courses created with popular authoring tools such as Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, Evove and Lectora, and we can use this experience for localizing courses created with any other authoring platform.

Translating the content of e-learning courses to make them available in other languages poses some challenges. Current e-learning courses engage users with many short interactive elements, games, and voice. All these elements drive extra complexity to the localization process, such as timed audio, videos, text on screen, animation, and synchronization.  We can handle all these complexities, including multilingual voiceover recording. 

Voice-Over and Subtitling Services

​Video Subtitling, Voice Dubbing & Voice Over

We can help you to make your videos ready for the global audience with subtitling and voice-over services into any commercial language. 

  • Subtitling: Using advanced Speech-to-Text technologies for generating text scripts timed to the audio source, we can reduce the overall costs for providing translated subtitles for your videos.
  • Voice Dubbing & Voice Over: And if you decide to dub the audio of your videos into other languages, we can also give you an sterling service with the help of our partner company voxabot.
Hitster - The music game

​Unlock a World of Fun with Our Board Game Translations!

Are you ready to take your board game to a global audience? 

Board games are all about bringing people together, and our expert translation services will ensure your game can be enjoyed by players worldwide. Whether you've created the next strategic masterpiece or an immersive storytelling adventure, we've got you covered.

Why Choose Our Board Game Translations?

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Our translators are not just experts in languages; they're passionate gamers too! They understand the nuances of your game's theme and storyline, ensuring that nothing is lost in translation.
  • Accurate Rulebook Translations: A well-translated rulebook is crucial for players to understand the game's mechanics. We'll make sure every rule and instruction is crystal clear in every language.
  • Immersive Storytelling: If your game features a captivating narrative, we'll ensure that the story remains just as engaging in every language, preserving the atmosphere and suspense.
  • Attention to Detail: We don't miss a single detail. From game cards and components to packaging and marketing materials, our translations are meticulous.
  • Quality Assurance: Our quality control process ensures that your translated materials are error-free and ready for production.

Global Reach, Local Appeal
With our board game translations, you can expand your market and connect with gamers across the world. Whether you're aiming to conquer new markets in Asia, Europe, or beyond, our team of linguists will adapt your game to resonate with local cultures while retaining its original essence.

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Don't let language barriers limit your board game's potential. Partner with us to unlock a world of fun for players everywhere. Contact us today for a free consultation and let's make your game a global sensation! Your board game adventure begins here.