The added value of a translation agency

24.02.15 04:22 PM By eloy
When thinking about translation services one could think the following: a translation agency acts as a middleman between the translator, who actually does the work, and the client, who pays for the service. In the age of internet and direct communication, middlemen might seem unnecessary because they only increase costs and do not add real value. Since translators can be found easily on internet, it always makes sense for the client to work directly with freelance translators.

Though the previous paragraph might be true in certain types of translation, for example in literary translations where the creation of the target text is a craft that requires using the service of a translator who recreates the content in the target language, it is not the case in many commercial projects where using the services of a competent translation agency provides real value, both to clients and translators.


This is so in complex translation projects into several languages, where new versions of the product appear regularly and deadlines and time to market are vital and where the added value provided by a translation agency can be easily understood.


A competent translation agency does much more than assign work to a translator and send the translation back to the client. The list below shows some of the functions performed by the translation agency in complex translation projects into one or more languages which add real value for the client:

  • A single point of contact for the client
  • Selection and training of translators
  • Common tools for all project members
  • Terminology Management
  • Query Management
  • Defined work processes and quality control
  • DTP and final layout
  • File and translation memory management

At the same time, a competent translation agency also gives value to its translators, ultimately its greatest asset. These are some of the added values that a competent translation agency provides to the translators:

  • Finding customers
  • Guaranteed payment
  • Continuous training
  • Preparation of the source materials for Translation
  • Technical support
  • Teamwork

Using the services of a competent translation agency provides value to both customers and translators. And choosing the right translation agency is key for companies who are selling and communicating the features of their products and services across the world.