Premium Translation Services

The added value of ASSERTIO Language Services

  • We are more than just middle men between the client and the translator. We offer a comprehensive translation service that is adapted to our clients' needs: from translation to layout design and printing.
  • We consistently deliver quality translations on time.
  • We can translate large volumes in short periods of time.
  • We can handle almost all languages, text types, and document formats
  • ASSERTIO guarantees consistent terminology and quality translations. Our procedures ensure systematic quality control of texts and are based on the EN 15038 standard.
  • We offer a single point of contact: the client has direct contact with our project managers and we do all the management work: receiving materials, preparing translation packages, quality assurance, final layout and filing finished documents.
  • We have different teams of translators for different industries. But regardless of the industry, we always use computer-assisted tools to improve consistency across translations, and to reduce translation costs.