Software Localization (L10N)

Software localization is the translation and adaptation of computer programs into other languages and includes the translation of screens, error messages, help texts and related technical documentation. Thus, running software can be seen as “local” in other languages and markets.


Localization projects are normally centralized to a project manager who is the single point of contact with the client and whose roll is preparing translation kits, distributing them among the different target language teams, and handling translation queries and other issues.


From the translator point of view, one of the main differences with normal translations is that very often user strings are translated without order or context. Also, since some of these strings appear in special circumstances, it might be quite difficult to proof them in context. Because of all this, translator experience and good project management are key for the success of any localization project.


From the technical point of view, we can provide consulting services to our clients. For example, helping the software development team to find out internationalization recommendations that may apply to the source code, and check that the software is enabled for localization.