Life Sciences

ASSERTIO Language Services offers expert skills and knowledge in the life sciences industry. Our experience in the area of medical translation includes translation of websites, marketing collaterals, publications, software user interface, press releases and much more.

ASSERTIO Language Services provides translations services following fully ISO 17100 compliant processes in the following areas:

Translation for Medical Devices
Translation of user manuals and documentation for medical devices and equipment, health care management software and other scientific and technical instruments.

Translation for Pharmaceutical Companies
Translation of Patient Information Leaflets (PIL), Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC), marketing materials, etc. for pharmaceutical companies.

Translation for Clinical Trials
Translation of Informed Consent Forms, study protocols, questionnaires and instructions, patient diaries, etc. for medical device manufacturers, pharmaceuticals manufacturers and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) conducting clinical trials.
Wordcloud Life Sciences
Wordcloud Life Sciences

In medical writing, there is no danger in being too precise—only in being imprecise. Edith Schwager